Saturday, March 4, 2017

4G Signal Booster: The Need of the Hour

Today, more than everything people want 4g internet connection at their place and it has become a buzzword. With the upcoming of Reliance JIO in the league of telecom industry it has re-written rules for the internet as the company is offering free 4G internet and free calls. But what is 4G? 4G is a fourth generation in the cellular wireless standards which is an heir of 2G and 3G with the objective of offering wide range of data rates to cellular users. We have come up with this article just to clear all the air which is surrounding with the hot topic of 21st generation and tell you the signal booster of mobile phones will integrate with 4G.

First thing first, 4G is the fourth generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology, succeeding 3G. This generation of wireless mobile telecommunication aims to offer it’s users reliable, more faster mobile broadband internet for devices such as tablets,  laptops and smartphones. Technically speaking, 4G LTE band 40, 2300 MHz (TDD-LTE) is the LTE bandwidth that is available in India as of now and is capable of providing download speeds of up to 100Mbps.

If you are seriously thinking about buying a dual band mobile signal booster but you are not aware about the best options and points to keep in mind while buying mobile network booster and how 4G will fit into the picture:

  • These days almost each and every phone is 4G enabled keeping in mind the need and demand of 4G enabled devices. Apart from the regular users there is a big shout from the end of corporate houses. One must check the selection of the best available carrier which offer proper network coverage in your area.

  • In case you use a phone only for calls then you do not have to worry as 4G is used mostly for data and online calls via whatsapp or facebook. And in case you live in an area where signal strength is low them you could go with signal booster.

  • There are still so many cities and villages which is deprived of 4G coverage, talking about 4G they even do not get the access to 3G network. There are still 2 to 3 years left for these benefits.

In case you are planning you shifting to 4g network as soon as it reaches your city then you didn’t have proper signal strength. As your are very well aware that right now there is still a lot to do in 4G bandwagon. But for  now you shall not feel disheartened as there are other technical achievements which can help you in offering the signals that you demands. You'll just have to order booster signal india’s signal booster or cell phone booster which as available at most affordable and ground-breaking price. These mobile signal booster can be installed anywhere, school, college, workspace, godown or home. Just purchase a new 4G booster and antennas and feel the difference. 
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